Wildflower Seeds - 2 oz

Wildflower Seeds - 2 oz


Enjoy a mixture of wildflowers The burlap pouch contains 23 hand-selected wildflower varieties. Perennials: Orange Poppy, White Yarrow, Shasta Daisy, Coreopsis, Alyssum, Rudbeckia and Flax. Annuals: Baby Blue Eyes, Lupine, Clarkia, Coreopsis, Snapdragons, Flax, CA Bluebells, Primrose, Wallflower, Baby’s Breath, Larkspur and more.  Large pouch is enough seeds to cover 150-200 sf.  

  • Planting

    The very best time to plant wildflower seeds in our area is in the fall before a nice rain. Early November would be best. Find a spot with 6+ hours of sun a day. Scatter seeds over the area. If possible, cover the seeds with a little soil to protect from birds and compress the soil lightly. Keep moist for a few weeks to get ‘em going.

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