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2021 in Review - "The Surprise!"

This morning I was looking into last year's accomplishments in preparation for doing 2022 planning and i was totally surprised at how many "firsts" we had last year.

1st Farm Stand

1st Seed Starting Class

1st Flower Bar

1st Bouquet Club

1st "You Pick Flowers" event

1st Barn kitties

1st Flowers on the road

1st Anemones & Ranunculus -- which did so well!

2021 was not without its challenges. We built some hand crafted Raised Beds just in time for lumber prices to skyrocket. We planted over 60 Dahlias, who were NOT happy. And I can't say everything was planned. The Bouquet Bar was decided the night before when we ran out of time doing pre-made's for Mother's Day. Turned out, folks "loved" being able to make their own bouquets paying by the stem.

Flower farmers know that long term planning is an absolute must. We're typically looking out at least a year in advance. As you harvest a flower you are already thinking about next year. If you are doing this, you know you've got what it takes!

I want to THANK the local community for their support last year. We know we couldn't have done it without you.

I hope you'll check out this composite 1 min. video of our 2021 season.

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