Backcountry Bouquet Club
Floral Subscriptions

Our Backcountry Bouquet floral subscription is a simple and convenient way to enjoy beautiful flowers regularly during our primary growing season.


All subscriptions include our premium mixed bouquets with 20+ stems of the freshest flowers available at that time.  Bouquet stunners may include Dahlias, Sunflowers, Cosmos, Celosia, Gomphrena, and Marigolds to name a few.   We also include a number of accessory flowers and greenery for a complete look and we love using fresh herbs like basil and dill in our arrangements to add a natural look and subtle soothing scent.  Simply arrange into your favorite vase.

​​​​​​How It Works . . .


1. Choose the month(s) you'd like to receive your flowers using our online catalog

- Receive one premium fresh floral bouquet every week for 4 weeks

- Bouquets come wrapped and ready for your vase or vessel

2.  Choose pick up or delivery

- Pick up your flowers at one of our designated locations

- Ramona Ranch Winery (Fridays noon to 6 pm)

- Have flowers delivered to your porch/patio into your water-filled bucket (Thursdays Noon - 6 pm)

(Delivery within 25 miles of our farm)