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If only the old hawk tree could talk!

Likely planted some 80 or so years ago, this single large Eucalyptus has been dead for at least a decade.   But that didn't stop the native Red-Tailed Hawks.  The tree had the perfect multi-pronged "Vee" for a nest.  Each year, the hawk family would raise a family of chicks, sometimes as many as three.  By far the tallest structure in that area, the hawks enjoyed that vantage point for many years.

Sometime in 2016, the tree began to show clear signs of tumbling.  When a key nest branch broke, the hawks moved the nest to a nearby Coast Live Oak tree.  To this day, the hawks as well as Acorn Wood peckers, red-winged blackbirds and many others continue to use what is left of the Old Hawk Tree.  

In 2020, we hope to put in a small Eucalyptus grove near the base of the tree for the cut flower market in memory of the old tree.   

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